U.S.-ASEAN Internship Program Add On Promotion Event An Impactful Internship: Launching your Career Path! Thursday, March 21,2019

The U.S. Mission to ASEAN will host to promote the U.S.-ASEAN Internship Program that was just launched in 2018. The U.S.-ASEAN internship program is a joint effort by the U.S. Mission to ASEAN and the U.S. ASEAN Business Council, highlighting internship opportunities for local ASEAN youth at U.S. companies with offices in Southeast Asia.  At present there are nine U.S. companies participating offering 95 internships across Southeast Asia, and they are adding new ones regularly.
This year the U.S. Mission to ASEAN in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy-American Hub in Bangkok and the U.S. Embassy in Singapore are going to organize the event on Thursday, March 21, entitled “Impactful Internship - Launching your Career Path”, at 13.30-15.45 hrs. at the  U.S. Embassy-American Hub, GPF Wittayu Tower A, 9th Floor. The event is part of the effort to promote the U.S.-ASEAN Internship Program and inspire Southeast Asian students to seek out internships to help build their future careers.  
Highlights of the event include:
Keynote speech by the AUN Executive Director on preparing students for their careers, the value of internships and an emphasize on improving people-to-people exchanges in ASEAN, taking into account the  prominent role of Thailand as ASEAN Chair this year.
Another speaker from Microsoft (via DVC from Jakarta) to speak about the internship experience in Microsoft, SEA Office.
Students will also benefit from observing the internship opportunity with U.S. Embassy Bangkok and opportunity to pursue studies in USA, as well as available scholarships such as Fulbright for graduate studies. 
In this regard, we would like to seek you cooperation to disseminate this opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students at your university. Interested students are requested to submit the registration form to the AUN Secretariat within 20 March 2019. The U.S. Embassy, Bangkok is able to accommodate a maximum of 50 students on a first come first serve basis.  
Program, registration form and map of the event venue appear in the attachment. 
We highly appreciate your kind consideration and support, as always.
Best regards,