Message from the Dean

Messages from the Dean

                   Multidisciplinary study is an important foundation of the study at Thammasat University since at the very beginning of the university when it was named ‘the University of Moral and Political Sciences - UMPS) in A.D. 1934, with the key disposition to produce the graduates with knowledge, capabilities and attitudes that integrated the social, economic and political elements together, which was necessary for the development of the democratic system after the change of politic in Thailand. In early years, UMPS had been an open university that allowed students to enroll to the classes freely like a market of subjects with only one bachelor’s degree curriculum, or Bachelor of Morals. Both lecturers and students had extreme freedom in terms of academic and learning in different subjects that were essential and necessary for the graduate education level and Thai society in the democratic era in those days. Thus, the study back then was multidisciplinary one that integrated the subjects of laws, political science, economics, commerce, finance and banking and international relationships. As a result, the graduates from Thammasat University had extensive knowledge and capabilities and could apply such bodies of knowledge to building and developing an institute that has always played important roles in the democratic society. Such graduates have worked in different fields such as personnel in justice system, legal experts, prosecutors, judges, politicians, governors, financial and banking experts, accountants, entrepreneurs and diplomats, all of which have paved the foundation for the development of the democracy.

                  Unfortunately, in the modern society where the structure and elements of the society have become more and more complicated, to produce the graduates with the aforementioned features from a single curriculum may not meet the Ned’s of the society, and the incident where the College of Interdisciplinary Studies has been established as a unit in the Thammasat University in the current era reflects that Thammasat University stills adheres to the concept of multidisciplinary study and is aware of the importance of the study in such a manner, which emphasizes on integrated bodies of knowledge underneath the principle of the educational freedom that is vital to the development of human resources in the modern era. Meanwhile, the College of Interdisciplinary Studies has conserved the disposition to administrate the studies, research band academic service provision to the society, with the adherence to the concept of multidisciplinary study since its establishment, with the consideration of diversity of bodies of knowledge that are important and essential to the society under the principle of academic freedom.

                  I would like to welcome all of you to the Data Center of College of Interdisciplinary Studies, which is ‘Home of Students’ Academic Freedom and Interdisciplinary Studies’ or the market of knowledge in the modern era of Thammasat University, an educational institute that has been playing extremely important roles in developing academic freedom and democratic pavement for Thai society in the consistent manner since its establishment to the current era and the future.





          Decha Sungkawan, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Interdisciplinary Studies

         Thammasat University