The Master of Arts in Women's Studies derives from a cooperative program between The Graduate Volunteer Center and Women and Youth Studies Programme that foresaw the advantage of having a Graduate Programme in Women’s Studies at Thammasat University. During the later part of the 1990’such a programme was not offered by any other educational institution, coupled with the increase of serious and complex issues affecting the society's women and youth. Hence the programme was introduced along with new activities from the Women and Youth Studies Programme including an academic conference on women's studies and journals on women's studies. 

The University Council approved the programme to operate as a special curriculum, under the university's policy of organization management 

On 1 October 2006, management of the Master of Arts Programme in Women's Studies was transferred to the College of Interdisciplinary Studies as part of a decision by the University Council to merge 3 educational programmes together. These were the Bachelor of Arts Degree ‘Interdisciplinary Programme in Social Science’ the Master of Arts Degree ‘Programme in Women’s Studies’; and the PhD Programme in ‘Interdisciplinary Studies’.The large number of graduates from the Master of Arts Programme in Women's studies establishes Thammasat's College of Interdisciplinary Studies as the largest institution for women's studies in Thailand. 

The aims of the programme are to:

1. produce graduates with analytical skills on social phenomenon from a feminist perspective that will lead to shifts in the roles and balance of power between the genders as reflected in the economy, politics and culture.

2. enable graduates to utilize their knowledge in the work force in the public, private, and international sectors, with the potential to build their own businesses and further their education. 

3. create a strong body of knowledge of woman studies in the context of Thai society. 

4. encourage graduates to use the knowledge attained for education and research and to provide service to society.