B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science (Lampang Campus)



Bachelor of Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science)

College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Thammasat University



1. Program Philosophy


            Involving in the more progressive and developed economy in the twenty century, the rapid change of the surrounding conditions in the country and the interplay among the fields of economics, politics, and social sciences in the recent days inevitably advance the economy, politic, and societal issues into another level of analysis – with greater perplexity and complexity – in both domestic and international levels. With a prevalent primary objective of development of the country, therefore, applying the interdisciplinary studies integrating invaluable knowledge in economics, political sciences, laws, and sociology & anthropology will help policymakers and our prospective students to understand the evolving incidents occurred in the country as well as providing the rigorous solutions and platform to work on in the political economy and economic sociology problems.

            With its aims to promote quality educational opportunities for students in several provinces in the northern region and to respond to the needs of the communities and stakeholders, in 1999, College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Thammasat University (Lampang campus), is the first educational institution in Thailand developing and officially commencing the program in Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science. As its distinctive feature is to integrate those invaluable knowledge from various fields as well as applying Interdisciplinary Studies to the dynamic-real-world problem solving, this program’s initiative is considered to be one of the most innovative and a significant move in the history of the country’s education. As of today, the program has continuously been creating numbers of graduates who are well-equipped with wide range of academic knowledge and excellence in interdisciplinary studies.


            The program of the Interdisciplinary Studies is currently clustering into four broad areas which are given as follow:

1.      Chinese studies,

2.      Greater Mekong Subregion studies

3.      Socio-Cultural Resource Management, and

4.      Sustainable Tourism Development.


2. Program Objectives


The objectives of the Program of Interdisciplinary studies are:


  • To create students who have a profound knowledge in the field of Interdisciplinary studies which enable them to make meaningful and effective connections across disciplines and create those who able to apply knowledge into the real world practices
  • To create students who are committed to virtues, morality, ideology, and good sense toward society
  • To create new knowledge in the field of interdisciplinary studies that are in needed
  • To promote quality educational opportunities for students in the other regions in Thailand.


3. Application Request


Prospective students can apply through two channels which are a) Admissions and b) Direct Admissions. The detailed information is given below.  


3.1 Admissions

3.1.1 Qualifications - Applicants must hold:

·         GPAX (at least 2.5)                                                                20 %

·         Ordinary National Education Test (O-NET)              30 %

·         General Aptitude Test (GAT)                                     50 %

The percentage numbers showing on the right indicates the significance of each qualification.  

3.1.1 How to apply

Please visit www.cuas. or.th

3.2 Direct Admissions

3.2.1 Qualifications - Applicants must hold:

·         GPAX (at least 2.5)                                                    20 %

·         General Aptitude Test  (GAT) (Code  85)                 40 %

·         Social Studies Test                                                      20 %

·         Social Sciences Test                                                         20 %

The percentage numbers showing on the right indicates the significance of each qualification.  

3.2.2 How to apply

·         Applicants should register though the university’s online application on the website www.reg.tu.ac.th (during 5 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2015)

·         Paper Examination (on 10 Jan. 2016)

·         Interviewing Process (on 30 Jan. 2016)

·         Announcement of the successful applications (16 Feb. 2016)




4. Curriculum

4.1 Credits

Total credits required upon the completion of the programme must be at least 130 credits.

4.2 Program Duration

This is a full-time program which the length of the study required is at least 7 semesters but shall not exceed 14 semesters.

4.3  Program Structure

1) General Education Courses (not less than 30 credits)

2) Specific Requirement Courses (not less than 94 credits)

2.1 Core Courses

2.1.1 Interdisciplinary Foundations Courses (27 credits)

2.1.2 Language Courses (6 credits)

2.1.3 Practicum in Interdisciplinary Studies and Directed Research Courses (10 credits)

2.2 Major Courses

2.2.1 Cross-major courses (9 credits)

2.2.2 Major Required Courses   (30 credits)

2.3 Major Elective Courses (12 credits)

3) Free Electives Course (not less than 6 credits)


5. Prospect Careers


Below is an example of a list of careers that our graduated students hold after receiving the degree.


Government and Private Employee

Plan and Policy Analyst

University Lecturer

International Organizations Staff

Academic Researcher

Museum Director and Officer 


Hotel and Airline Manager and Staff


6. Program Director

Sutasinee Jampajee


7. For more information


Please contact: College of Interdisciplinary Studies,

Thammasat University, Lampang Campus

                                    248 Moo 2 Lampang-Chiang Mai 52190 Thailand

Tel. (+66)54-268702

E-mail: socsci_lp@hotmail.com


Official working hour

                                    1st Semester: August-December

                                    2ndSemester: January- May

                                                Summer      : June – July