Associate Professor Dr.Decha  Sungkawan


Dr.Nattapon  Sang-arun
Associate Dean for Administration 



 Assistant Professor Dr.Sitthiphon  Kruarattikan 
        Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and
            Educational Quality Development


Assistant Professor Dr. Rungnapa  Thepparp
Associate Dean for Administration (Lampang Center)
and Acting Director of Research and Academic
Services Center



          Lecturer Chaiyut  Tawharanurak
           Associate Dean for Student Affairs



Dr. Phakpoom  Tippakoon
Director, Ph.D. in Integrated Science



             Dr. Kosum  Omphornuwat
     Director, M.A. in Women, Gender, and
                     Sexuality Studies



Assistant Professor Olan  Rattanapakdee
Director, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies of
Social Science (Lampang Center)



                Dr. Sumita  Supakorn
Director, B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics                                  (Lampang Center)



Dr. Panisa  Vishuphong
Director, B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Thaprachan)


             Miss Parichat  Thongyoo