About Us


The College of Interdisciplinary Studies was conceived on 1 October 2006 as the result of a structural change that merged under a single aegis three previously independently operating programmes: the Bachelor of Arts Degree ‘Interdisciplinary Programme in Social Science’; the Master of Arts Degree ‘Programme in Women’s Studies’; and the PhD Programme in ‘Interdisciplinary Studies’.

The B.A . Interdisciplinary Programme in Social Science, initiated in 1999, was among the first courses offered as part of the establishment of the University’s Lampang Campus, which opened that year in Tambon Pongyangkok, Hang Chat District.

The Master of Arts Programme in Women’s Studies, established at Tha Prachan Campus in 2001, had previously operated as 2 separate programmes, one under the Office of Graduate Volunteers and the other, the Women and Youth Studies Project.

The PhD Programme in Interdisciplinary Studies, originally housed in the Graduate College (later changed to the Office of Graduate Studies), the Programme was approved by the University Council in 1999, but did not begin accepting students until the following year at the Tha Prachan Campus.

On 5 February 2003, the University Council introduced the University Regulations for Administration of Lampang Campus, which stated that the College of Interdisciplinary Studies was to operate under the supervision of the President and the University Council, providing education, research facilities and academic services in fields of the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, science and technology and other applied arts, as well as supporting cultural activities.